Basilic Medical Center

02 / 420.38.00

Secretariat: 8:30-12:00 and 13:00-18:00

02 / 426.63.25

Welcome to the Basilic Medical Center

The Basilic Medical Center is a medical center located in Brussels, nearby the basilica of Koekelberg, in avenue of Hôpital Français.

Our medical team consits of four medical doctors (general practitioners linked to the state health scheme), one physiotherapist, one psychologist and one medical chiropodist.

The medical center is very easy to reach from public transportation, by being located just near the tram stop Goffin (line 19 - Stib).


The center is based on the ground floor of the building, therefore easying the venue of persons with reduced mobility.


  • Dr Hennecker Clémentine: french, dutch and english.

  • Dr Plas Chelsey: dutch, french and english.

  • Dr Rimbault Eliott: french and english.

  • Dr Tabet Younes: french, english and arabic.

  • Dr Yoshimi Sumio: dutch, french and english.

To make an online appointment with a doctor, use the following link:

For consulatation at home, please contact the medical secretary at 02 / 420 38 00.

Permanent on-call

On weekdays (between 7pm and 7am), for the weekend and during public holiday, a permanent on-call medical service is provided at 02 / 201 22 22.

To get more information about the permanent on-call medical service, visite their website


The physiotherapy (also osteopath and Bobath) Sonia Van den Brande, is working by appointements at the medical center.

To book an appointment, or to get more information, please contact the physiotherapist at 0478 / 98 86 57.


The psychologist, Tomas Van Roy, is working by appointements only.

To book an appointment, or to get more information, please contact the psychologist at 0473 / 64 72 64.


The medical chiropodist is working by appointment (at the medical center or at home).

To book an appointment, or to get more information, please contact the chiropodist at 0475 / 45 19 74.


  • To get information about birth and childhood prevention, visit the website or

  • To find an out-of-hours pharmacy, contact 0903 / 99 000 (1,50€/min) or consult the website

  • To get information about vaccines, visit the website